Interior Garden Maintenance

Interior Garden Maintenance Howell, MI

Interior Garden Maintenance in Howell, MI

Once your beautiful interior garden has been installed, it’s time to consider maintenance. We communicate with our clients the maintenance demands of their gardenscape throughout the entire design process. During this time, clients usually determine whether or not they’d like us to handle the maintenance needs of their gardenscape.

When You Need Us, We’ll Be there

Our familiarity with the plants we install allows us to fully understand the maintenance demands of your entire garden. Interior gardens are typically made up of plants that harmonize with one another, both visually and in terms of maintenance. When you hire us for your maintenance needs, each plant will be watered, fertilized, cleaned and trimmed to exact specifications. From soil to plant growth, we’ll look at every aspect of your garden each time we visit.

Interior Garden Maintenance MI

Our interior garden maintenance services also include rotations. Depending on the plants in your garden, you might need rotations every 3 to 6 weeks. Rotations can be based on colors, styles and textures. In order to keep your gardenscape looking fresh, regular rotations might be necessary. If you’d like your interior garden to be fully rebuilt, we can discuss this during a maintenance visit. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

If you have an interior garden installed by a different company and are looking for maintenance services, we’re here to help. Our garden experts will be able to effortlessly pick up the maintenance needs of your garden.

For more information on our interior garden maintenance services, call Turner Design Group at (800) 570-0675 today! We look forward to working with you!

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